The cost per child is € 15,- on average per month for children going to primary school and € 45 to € 50 on average per month for children going to secondary school. The total annual expenditure in 2015 was € 59,950,-.

EBOO volunteers are constantly working on issues like:
a) Finding sponsors and volunteers;
b) Finding people willing to structurally fund one or more children
c) Finding people willing to do one time gift;
d) Organizing special events.

To guarantee uninterrupted support from EBOO a reserve of one year expenses is needed, at this moment this is € 60,000,-. If more money is available, EBOO will also assist with other urgent matters such as school maintenance, school furniture, funeral cost, etc.

Compensation policy

* EBOO does not pay staff salaries

* EBOO only has volunteers

* EBOO uses 100% of the generated money to fund the cost of schooling